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Non-Milonga Tango Performances/Presentations:

3 Esquinas Tango Show - Alegría
Live tango dancing and music, fully vaccinated only event

Date: Friday, September 24, 2021

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, 70 East 4th Street

Argentine tango show, held live outdoors for the first time, after coming to life as an online show performed through Zoom throughout the pandemic. There were 4 previous editions performed through Zoom.

"Alegría" is the 5th edition, taking the audience from a dark atmosphere of anxiety and despair, to a bright and happy place, where exuberant celebration is the medium to overcome hardship.

Performers are three tango dance couples, two singers and a live pianist:

Directors and dancers Andres Bravo and Sarita Apel (2019 ATUSA Tango Salon Champions)

Dancers Carlos and Maureen Urrego (2018 ATUSA Tango Salon Champions)

Dancers Luis Ramirez and Analía Carreño (judges of the international tango championships)

Singer Marga Mitchell (career includes performing at the White House)

Singer Damián Fanis (career includes performing as a soloist at the Carnaval in Montevideo and many other prominent events and theaters)

Pianist Emiliano Messiez (musical director and composer for his own orchestra "Tipica Messiez" and pianist in the Broadway tango show "Forever Tango")

If you hear of any non-milonga performances that aren't listed on this page, please let us know!

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