In Memoriam of Richard Lipkin
Guía "Imparcial" del Tango Argentino en Nueva York

The NYC vaccine mandate has been removed but different venues have different policies. Check with event organizers or look at the website/invites for details.

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Workshops by Visiting Instructors:

Note: This list is only workshops for instructors who do not live in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, Connecticut). For classes and workshops from instructors in the tri-state area, find the individual instructor on the Tango Instruction page.‚Äč

Eric Jorissen Tango Workshops

Dates, Times, Descriptions:

June 8th from 1-4pm "Playful Footwork and Serious Fun ~ in Tango & Milonga"

June 9th from 1-4pm "Arrastres and Alteraciones Tempranas y Tardes ~ in Tango & Vals"

Location: Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenues between 36th and 37th Streets, room 17D, 17th floor

Cost: Saturday OR Sunday: $70 in advance, $80 day of
Saturday AND Sunday: $130 in advance, $150 on June 8


"The workshops will delve into music from the great Golden Age orchestras of: Biagi, Pugliese, d'Agostino and Canaro This pair of classes work best when both are taken, but we understand you might only be able to take one. Each class is 2.5 hours long, so we will take a half-hour break during our 3-hour time slot."

"No partner necessary! We will rotate. Some dancers may bring partners – it's totally optional."

Note: ENTRY TO RIPLEY GRIER STUDIOS REQUIRES PHOTO ID and sometimes there is a line of folks showing their ID to security, so please allow extra time to enter the building.

Questions/registration/payment: Rebecca Shulman, 917-828-1250,

Link to invite on FB:

Pablo Pugliese & Noel Strazza Tango Workshops

Dates: June 28 – July 14

Location: Ripley Grier, 939 Eighth Avenue

Details: Coming soon, contact: Rebecca Shulman, 917-828-1250,, Facebook:

Non-Milonga Tango Performances/Presentations:

If you hear of any non-milonga performances that aren't listed on this page, please let us know!

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