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Rules for Listing Events, Schools, and Workshops on

Tango organizers and instructors are responsible for updating with changes to their events, classes, and personal details, e.g. cancellations, new phone number, etc. Facebook links will be accepted but realize that many website users don’t belong to Facebook and won’t be able to get further information about your event.

The team reserves the right to refuse or remove any listing at their own discretion.

All listing and update requests should be sent to "info at newyorktango dot com"

Rules for listings on the main NYC calendar page:

This is the information that is put in the calendar itself. Information is always put in this order. We do not list any other information in the main calendar, all additional details are listed in the details section below the main calendar:

[Symbol for whether the event is outdoors or has live music] [Name of Milonga] @ [name of milonga location]; [time]; DJ: [DJ name]; Class (class time]): [teacher name]; Perf: [performer’s names]; Live music: [music info]
[Abbreviations for whether there is wine or beer, snacks, a class, etc.]

The name of the milonga location must be the name of the actual physical location of the milonga. For example, if the milonga is held in a dance studio which is being rented out for the milonga, the name of the location must be the name of that dance studio. If you have a lease with the property owner that indicates that you are a tenant, then it will be in your name but otherwise it will be listed as the actual location.

In the details section, there is more freedom as to the amount and type of information to include. The one rule is that because this is a non-biased guide, the information cannot include adjectives that make it seem like is describing the event as "premier" or "the best" or "wonderful", etc.

Rules for non-NYC pages (bridges & tunnels, Connecticut, New Jersey)

Listings on these pages are similar to the details area on the main page. All the information about events can be listed including information about food & drink, parking, directions, etc. The same rule applies as the main page - because this is a non-biased guide, the information cannot include adjectives that make it seem like is describing the event as "premier" or "the best" or "wonderful", etc.

Rules for all Prácticas (on main calendar page and on other pages)

Prácticas are listed in a similar way as the milongas but slightly more information is included. In addition, práctica links don’t work the same way as calendar links. Calendar links go to the section below the calendar. Práctica links go to a website which the should organizer provide to the newyorktango team.

[Name of Práctica] @ [name of location], [address of location]; Hosted by: [host name]; [time]; [other information about the event like if it is held once a month, if they serve refreshments, if there is a DJ and who it is, etc.

Prácticas will only be listed if they are one hour or longer and if the public can pay to attend just the práctica and not have to take a class or workshop.

Rules for the Workshops & Performances page


Only non-tristate instructor's workshops are listed (NY, Connecticut, New Jersey). This means that if you are listed as having a tristate-area address (in the teachers section, on social media, on your website), you cannot have a workshop listed.

Information needed for listing is the following: Date, name of instructor(s), type of workshop (tango, vals, milonga), location of workshop. It is recommended to also provide a link which will be put on the entire line to a location where people can get more detailed information.


Events which have no dancing can be listed in the performances area. This is the information needed for a listing:

Name of event
Details: [include information like a website or short description of the event.

Rules for the Tango Instruction page

Tango schools are listed in the top area of this page and tango instructors are listed in the bottom area. For schools, if the school rents studio space for their classes, the name of the school will be [Name of school] @ [Name of location].

Tango schools: Name of school, address of school, list of instructors. A link can be added to the name of the school that should go to the website for the school. An additional link can be added to instructors with the link to the instructor page on the school website.
In order to be considered a tango school you must have the following:

  1. A link to a website with the name of the school on the website.
  2. All teachers listed correctly and consistently on both and the tango school website.
  3. You can have your school location in multiple locations, but the branding of the school and the teachers must be clear and consistent and any changes must be communicated to immediately.
  4. Up to date contact information must be clearly stated on the tango school website.

Tango instructors: Tango instructors are listed alphabetically by last name. The information that can be included doesn't have to go in a particular order. Most instructors include a phone number, email address, website, and a short description of what they offer such as "Performances/events, group classes, private lessons". If the instructor holds group classes, they can include the information about the classes in this section.


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If the "Contact Me" link does not work, send e-mail to "info at newyorktango dot com"

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